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The floor is a key design element that influences a space's overall character. With infinite flooring options colors and textures , there are many fdesign options that will enhance your decor.

Once you have determined the look you want, there is a good chance you'll find it with us , Solidwood, Engineered Wood, Laminates, Exterwood, infinite possibilities exist Your final decision will depend upon : your personal preference; where the floor is being installed, your budget and your lifestyle.

Hardwood- We donot call our solidwood collection Smarttwood for nothing. With various locking mechanisms, Installation techniques , varying widths from narrow to extra wide, natural woods to stains, smooth finishes to distressed woods we offer it all. Various Options to complement any Interior

Laminated Flooring- Essentially faus wood flooring , it is a high resolution picture of a real wood floor pressed on to high density fibre board and mimics the real wood floor perfectly at a substantially lower cost and is also durable to pet scratches and heavy traffic.

With our EIR technology we are able to offer the Real Wood effect in various sizes from 4ft long to extra wide and extra long sizes

Exclusivity- If you have arrived then Extra Long and Extra wide Flooring Options from our Signature Line and Maximus Collection are for you.

Add Value to your home- Hardwood and Engineered wood Floors enhance interiors and add grace and charm , thereby adding more perceived value to a home than a laminated flooring.

Ceramic, Vitrified tiles are considered low end flooring options.

Life Style

How Health Conscious Are You! Wood Floors are typically the healthiest of all flooring options since they donot attract dust and mites like carpets.

They are recommended for those suffering from allergies.

Our Nature Floors Collection -focuses on Healthy living with 100% natural surface finishes consisting of Linseed Oil, Beeswax and natural resin, leaving the wood grain with a beautiful natural finish.

The emission levels for these floors are zero which means that they donot emit any volatile organic compounds which could harm humans

House Holds with Seniors- Hardwood, Parquet and Engineered wood floors are best suited for households with seniors since they are softer on knees and muscles in case of falls.

House Holds with Pets- Hardwood floors tend to get scratched with untrimmed pet nails, laminates are best suited to handle the wear and tear of sharp nails and claws.

Bathrooms , and Kitchens - Hardwood ,Engineered and laminated floors cannot be used in wet areas, however our Exterwood range can be used in full bathrooms as well

Outdoor Balconies, Swimming Pools , Sun Decks and Cladding- Exterwood ® which is exterior grade wood products can be used in these areas. However other hardwoods and laminates cannot be used outdoors

Budget Considerations- Solid wood Parquet and Laminated Flooring and are generally low cost alternatives to an expensive marble options.

More often they are cheaper than vitrified and ceramic tiles and offer a host of benefits over vitrified and ceramic tiles

How long do you expect your floor to last!
Different types of floors have different "life expectancies based on your Lifestyle - Lower quality floors may start to show wear and tear after only a few years, while higher quality products may look terrific for a lifetime.

What may seem like an expensive flooring option might be a good value when you divide the cost of the floor by the number of years you can expect it to last.