Green Initiative

We at WoodFloorsIndia have taken a step to give back something to our environment .

We are planting trees in green belts, contributing to maintenance of existing green cover areas as a step to reduce your Carbon foot print, reduce the pollution and to make India a healthy country to live for our future generations.

Since Each Tree Planted absorbs 20 kgs of CO2 yearly, we request you to make a small contribution of Rs 50/- for a sapling or Rs 250/- for a tree towards afforestation/ tree plantation for every 100 sqft of floors bought from us.

We would collect this amount and would utilize this for tree plantation in green belts and other public areas.

On its part WoodFloors India would contribute an equivalent amount towards tree plantation.

 In  about a months time, we would welcome everyone to see the  development and maintenance of Green Belt areas by WFI.

How this works

When you book your flooring qty with us, on the Invoice Please indicate the number of saplings/  trees  or amount chosen.

The amount would be in multiples of Rs 50/- for each sapling or Rs 250/- for a tree.

The amount would be added to your billed amount.

You are welcome to donate an extra amount incase you want to.

After every 100 donors WoodFloors India  would give your names on its website after checking with you of course!